Lavish Lifespaces

Elevate your living spaces with the best interior designers in London

A clean and well-designed living area opens up the space in the home and is the biggest inhibitor for happiness! Whether it’s flooring & surfaces or you have a bit of space you want to make use of, we can help you maximise the use of your space.


The Ratio Interiors provides you with a wide range of options for your tiling and surfacing requirements. From ceramic tiles to high-end Italian Porcelain tiles, we offer you the best in both traditional and contemporary styles.


Ever since the start lockdowns, the culture of working from home ignited a new flame. The Home has now also become an official place of work. This required the space to be work-friendly and distraction-proof.


We supply flooring from UK’s leading real wood specialists which stock a variety of fabulously rich textured floors designed for relaxed and rustic interiors of all styles.